CIPP Structural Liner

Terrace Construction Company Inc. is a licensed installer of AQUA-PIPE's class IV fully structural liner, an NSF/ANSI standard 61 certified liner.

Terrace is the first Ohio based licensed installer in the state of Ohio and has successfully completed multiple projects in the Cities of Cleveland and Columbus ranging from $300,000 to $2,000,000.

Why use CIPP

  • Need to solve water line structural problem
  • Need to prolong life of water main
  • There is a presence of service connections on the line
  • The pipe is located in built up, urban environment or environmentally sensitive area
  • Require minimal diameter reduction
  • Require rapid trenchless installation
  • Need to minimize social costs

CIPP Liner Benefits

  • No future maintenance required
  • Future taps, connections, valves, etc. easily carried out
  • Rapid install 2500 feet per week
  • Little excavation when compared to open cut
  • Negotiates bends
  • Adjacent infrastructures not disturbed by work
  • Very little disturbance to pavement foundation, so pavement subsidence is kept to a minimum after paving
  • Less complaints from residents during work
  • Added life for water main with increased pressure and flow, corrosion resistance and regained structural capacity
  • Economic Considerations with a reduced number of pipe breaks, reduced treatment and pumping costs, no further intervention on rehabilitated water mains
  • Low carbon dioxide emissions

Additional Aqua-Pipe information

Featured Article

Terrace Construction was featured in a Cleveland Pilot article highlighting our recent lining project for Cleveland.

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For further information or any questions on this process please contact us or visit the Aquapipe website