About Terrace Construction

Terrace Construction Company, Inc has been serving both the public and private sector for over 25 years. The Company is comprised of an aggressive innovative team of professional engineers guiding a highly skilled labor force.

We pride ourselves in delivering construction solutions and building the highest level of quality projects. Our talented teams provide an aggressive, innovative and economical approach producing the best value for our customers. The result is a partnership through which we help build our communities.

The ability to understand and perform all aspects of the infrastructure puzzle from start to finish is what separates Terrace from the norm. This wide array of specialized knowledge, skill, and experience provides the advantage to foresee and resolve potential problems affording both temporal and economical benefits to our customers.

At Terrace we respect and value our customers, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. The Company's equal opportunity policy insures a highly skilled and diversified workforce. We believe that every person is entitled to a safe place to work. We take great efforts to provide the safest, well maintained equipment and working conditions.

Terrace Construction's commitment to integrity, work ethics, safety and successful project completion has earned us a solid reputation. This commitment is integral to our continuing efforts to enhance the character of our workforce and our company.